Fabulous Fortifieds Treat

Fabulous Fortifieds Treat


Per Pack (3 x 250mL)


Fortified wines are a big part of Australian wine history. Until the mid-1960s dessert and fortified styles were the most popular wines in Australia. These days table wines lead the charge but these sweetly decadent wines are still highly sought after. They have a great deal to offer wine lovers in terms of diversity, an amazing array of flavours and sheer drinking pleasure. 

This pack gives you the opportunity to sample three classic styles produced in North East Victoria, specifically in Rutherglen. The region is the unchallenged capital of fortified wines in Australia, with many of its great wines recognised throughout the world. 

To top it all off you can even add a personal touch to the labels by including a name/s and a note of your own on the label. 

The pack contains: 

1 x bottle of Rutherglen Muscat 250ml 

1 x bottle of Rutherglen Tawny (Port) 250ml 

1 x bottle of Rutherglen Topaque (Tokay) 250ml 

.............and we'll even include a Cookie as a match to make the perfect after-dinner treat !

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