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With over 30+ years in the business both buying and selling wines, I have developed an eye and more importantly a palate for recognising "quality for value" wines. The "cleanskin" wine market has come a long way since I first encountered it in the early 1980's. Back then we used to buy in bulk and were often seen out the back of the store filling bottles and corking dozens upon dozens until RSI well and truly set in! We would sell the wine unlabeled by the case and just slap a simple label on the outside of the carton.

Well times have moved on and our wines in fact are not cleanskins at all. They are sourced from established wine regions throughout Australia already bottled but not yet labelled. The wines are then sold under one of our own brands, or a label of the customer's choosing. We tell you the vintage, grape variety and region along with all the legal requirements. I am proud of the quality of our wines and prepared to offer a money back guarantee. When you buy from Personalise Your Wine you can be sure of value, quality and reliability.

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Some of our branded wines that can be personalised are shown below.

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