Fundraising with wine

Selling wine for fundraising is an easy way to raise money for your school, charity, social or hobby club, sports team or any organisation - there is no initial cash outlay or leftover stocks to worry about, and we do all the hard work!

Wine fundraising has great advantages for fundraising groups over other methods such as chocolates, small merchandise items and events. Wine has a higher ticket value than many other fundraising options and therefore there are more funds generated per item sold. Wine is almost universally popular with a large percentage of the adult drinking population. Wine is consumable and wine lovers need to restock their cellar on a regular basis so there is always a sales opportunity.

We have a large range of quality for value wines from Australia's best known wine regions to choose from. These are all sourced as 'Cleanskins', ie finished product without the added expense of labels, marketing, distribution, sales, etc; so there are large cost savings that can be passed on.


  • First of all you will need to request our special fundraising information kit by filling in the enquiry form below, or calling us on 0408 517790.
  • You will then be able to choose a selection of wines from the list (ideally 4-6) that cover different styles and price points.
  • You set your your own selling price per bottle, which includes your profit margin. We recommend a selling price on our list which normally returns a profit of between $36-$48+ per dozen, but the decision is yours.
  • We will put together a customised order form for your fundraiser which incorporates, tasting notes, prices, and payment details for credit card, cheque or cash.
  • With your input we will design a free customised fundraiser label, using your logo or related fundraiser image and wording.
  • You distribute the order forms and collect orders on our behalf (you therefore do not need to obtain a liquor license).
  • The minimum quantity for any one order is only 3 bottles, and the fundraiser normally runs for between 1-2 months.
  • We process all orders and payments, label and package the wine then dispatch to one delivery point.
  • Alternatively we set up your fundraiser on a dedicated page on our website. Orders are despatched direct to the customer with a delivery fee if applicable. The minimum order quantity is 6 bottles.
  • At the end of the campaign we pay all profits into your nominated fundraiser bank account and provide you with a spread sheet summary.

Keen to know more, have a chat or taste the wines, then call Darren on 0408 517790 or request an information kit by filling in the below details.

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